Sergejs Gudzs to Fremad Eagles

af | jul 23, 2006

Sergejs Gudzs er ny spiller i Fremad Eagles

A great welcome to you Sergejs and Sarauj Ergli :-)))

Sergejs decided to join Fremad Eagles after the Incukalns Summer Tournament 2006 in Incukalns, Latvia.

Sergejs finished as number 24 in the tournament out of 38 players even though tablehockey is quite new for him.

We hope that you will be satisfied with your club Sergejs.

It off course means that Fremad Eagles in future will regard Latvia as an important country to visit when we now are having a player here.

In the club tournament Ergli Cup 2006 though Sergejs Gudzs finished as number 4 out of 4 players.

Bjarne Axelsen won the tournament in front of Anette Engel and the russian player Petr Mozhaev.

About Mozhaev we can say that he played a very good tournament and entered for the very first time the play off zone in a greater tournament.
He was very satisfied himself.

After the tournament he claimed:
"Even though my comrade in Russia Zhulyabin right now is better than me I think I will in the long term become a better player than him because of my training methods."

After all it was quite obvious that he has improved our russian player.