INFO: Denmark Open 2017

af | jan 18, 2017

Denmark Open 2017

Saturday the 20th of May 2017
Søndergades Skole
Søndergade 40
DK-9700 Brønderslev

Registration and information:

Registration is closing:
Saturday the 13th of May 2017 at 12:00 CET.
It will NOT be possible to register after this deadline.
Registration is done by sending a mail to with name, nationality and team.

For more information contact Bjarne Axelsen using the mail and we will answer your questions.
For help on the tournament day call Bjarne Axelsen using +4528344340 or use Messenger/Facebook (Bjarne Axelsen).



15 Euro (or 100 DKK) for foreign players.
20 Euro (or 150 DKK) for danish players without a membership of Dansk Bordhockey Union.

Tournament System:
The main tournament
Saturday the 20th of May 2017

12-16 players: One basic group with 2x Round Robin
17-19 players: One basic group with 1x Round Robin
20-42 players: Two basic groups

12-16 players: 12 players promote to play off
17-19 players: 12 players promote to final division A

20-42 players: 8+8 players promote to final division A.

3 points for a win in the basic groups and final divisions.

Final standings before play off:

All points are counted from basic group + final division A.

If Red Basic Group has 15 and Blue Basic Group has 14 players – only points against players finishing 1-14 in the basic group are counted in the overall standings before play off.


Match System in Play Off:

All matches in play off will be played to a goal distance – and not to a time distance.
This match system is approved by ITHF when applying for a tournament belonging to ITHF WTHT.

Players with the highest placement after the final division can choose an opponent.
In the quarterfinal number 1 can choose between number 7 and 8.
In the quarterfinal number 2 can choose between number 6 and (7/8)

12 or 16 players promote to play off – depending on the total number of participants


Directly qualified:

– All foreign players
– All players living in the Danish regions Midtjylland, Syddanmark, Sjælland and Hovedstaden.
– Top 15 in DBHU Ranglisten the 13th of May 2017 at 12:00 CET.

See red text below for special information for players from Denmark.

Estimated time schedule:

09:15 Registration and payment will open
09:45 Registration and payment will close
10:00 Welcome Ceremony and information
10:10 Basic Groups
12:30 Lunch Break (remember to check results before leaving)
13:30 Basic Groups (continuing) or Final divisions
15:15 1st Round of Play off (2 wins to 7 goals)
16:15 Quarterfinals 
(2 wins to 7 goals)
17:15 Semifinals 
(3 wins to 7 goals)
18:30 The final 
(3 wins to 7 goals)
20:00 Award Ceremony

Information only for players from Denmark

Danish players from Region Nordjylland outside top 10 in DBHU Ranglisten  must play the qualification Friday the 19th of May 2017. 
The best players from the qualification will be qualified to the main tournament, Saturday the 20th of May 2017.
150 school kids will play the school qualification from Monday the 15th to Thursday the 18th of May 2017.
Only the best of the players from the school qualification tournament will be qualified for the main qualification tournament Friday the 19
th of May 2017.

Danske spillere fra Region Nordjylland og udenfor top 10 på DBHU Ranglisten den 13. maj 2017 skal spille kvalifikation fredag den 19. maj 2017.
De bedste spillere fra kvalifikationen vil være kvalificeret til hovedturneringen, lørdag den 20. maj 2017.
150 skolebørn vil spille skolekvalifikation fra mandag den 15. til torsdag den 18. maj 2017.
Kun de bedste spillere fra skolekvalifikationen vil kvalificere sig til hovedkvalifikationen, fredag den 19. maj 2017.