Danish GP – time, places and winners

af | sep 18, 2006

This is the list of the danish grand prix tournaments throughout the season 2006/2007. Everyone are welcome to come and play.

For foreign players or danish players not member of the club that hosts the tournament it is very normal with a participation fee of 100 danish kroner.



The winners

The youth class

Aalborg International 9/9-2006 Bjarne Axelsen Anders Dodensig
Øresund Cup 16/9-2006 Hans Österman ——————
Efterårs Cup 7/10-2006
Danish Masters 2/12-2006
Nytårs Cup 13/1-2007
Påske Cup 7/4-2007
Copenhagen Grand Prix 14/4-2007
Sommer Cup 16/6-2007
Drejeskiven Cup 23/6-2007
Hamlet Cup 28/7-2007