Bembel Cup 2007 (English version)

af | mar 27, 2007

Many dramatical matches between players from 13 nations were a fact when the 3rd part of Sportmaster Tour 2006/2007 was held in Frankfurt, Germany where the local club Frankfurt Gothers made an excellent arrangement with many special prices and nice food.

No Germans in the semifinals in spite of the fact that one of the participants was the 4 times German Champion Joachim Klang from Rama Club Bonn.

On the contrary players from 4 other of the Sportmaster Tour arranging countries took part in the semifinals.
Kristijan Curkovic from Croatia, Bjarne Axelsen fra Denmark, Bernard Rjavec from Slovenia and Etienne Flore from Switzerland.

Already in the 1/8-finals the exitement took part in the tournament when Mark Gorotnitsky from Russia had the luck and won the last match against Vjekoslav Kufrin from Croatia – beatening him with 3-2 in matches.

In the quarterfinals there was a swiss battle between the 8-double swiss champion Jean Claude Klaus and the silvermedalist from Swiss Open 2007 Etienne Flore.
Jean Claude won the first two matches without problems, Etienne took match 3 and 4 and in the 5th match Jean Claude was only seconds from winning 3-2 but Etienne managed to make an equalizer and scored were quickly the deciding goal in sudden victory.

In 2 tremendous semifinals Kristijan Curkovic won with 4-2 in matches against Bernard Rjavec but every match only with one deciding goal.
In the other semifinal Bjarne Axelsen won against Etienne Flore win 4-3 in the 7th and last match on a goal 5 seconds before end of time.

In the final Kristijan Curkovic showed once again he was the man of the day.
Behind 1-3 in matches Bjarne Axelsen came back and won the 5th and 6th match.
In the 7th match Kristijan had the lead 1-0, 2-1, 3-2 and 4-3 – every time with a danish equalizer but 5 seconds before the end Kristijan made a perfect move with his left wing and won the Bembel Cup 2007.

Totally Bernard Rjavec from Slovenia is leading Sportmaster Tour 2006/2007 in front of Bjarne Axelsen from Denmark and Etienne Flore from Switzerland.
The first three tournaments in 3 different countries has been won by 3 different players – also from 3 different countries.

Next tournament is Easter Cup 2007 the 7th of April in Denmark.