Welcome to Dansk Bordhockey Union (DBHU) which is our way of saying Danish Tablehockey Union.

The Danish Tablehockey Union arranges the following tournaments:

  • The Danish Championship
  • The Danish Cup
  • Danish Masters
  • Regional Tournaments (The League of Northern Jutland)

Preregistration is required for all tournaments arranged by Dansk Tablehockey Union.

Tournament fees

Danish players who are a member of a club with active membership of the Danish Tablehockey Union are playing free: all tournament fees are included in their clubs membership.

Players who fall out of this category can participate by paying 10 EURO or 75 danish kroner before tournament start.

Tournament Number 1 Number 2 Number 3
The Danish Championship 2004 Bjarne Axelsen Lasse Sørensen Peter Ørum
The Danish Cup 2004 Bjarne Axelsen Peter Ørum Lasse Sørensen
Danish Masters 2004
League of Northern Jutland 2004 Bjarne Axelsen Peter Ørum Lasse Sørensen