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INFO: Denmark Open 2018


Denmark Open 2018

Lørdag den 25. august 2018

Saturday the 25th of August 2018

(Informationen nedenfor er på engelsk i det tilfælde at turneringen skulle blive godkendt som turnering på ITHF World Table Hockey Tour 2018/19)

Last Registration:

Saturday the 18th of August 2018 at 12:00:00 CET.

Registration after deadline will NOT be accepted.

Register by mail to bjarne@9700.dk before deadline.


Players aged 16 or older must pay 15 Euro or 100 DKK.

Players aged 15 or younger will play for free.

Players with a membership of DBHU will play for free.

(An annual membership of DBHU is 600 DKK)

Tournament system:

3 points for a win.

Basic groups (Thursday)

Players with less than 600 points in the World Ranking will enter here.

Semifinal division (Friday)

  • the best players from the basic groups.

Final division (Saturday)

  • the best players from the semifinal division.
  • Players with 600 points or more in the World Ranking will enter the tournament here.

The valid World Ranking is from Saturday the 18th of August 2018 at 12:00:00 CET.

Final division (Saturday):

The players will play from 25 to 32 matches before the quarterfinal groups.

(Detailed schedule with respect to every number of participants can be mailed).

Top 8 promote to the quarterfinal groups.

Quarterfinal groups (best of 7):

RED group
BLUE group

Number 8 is placed in RED group

Number 7 is placed in BLUE group

Number 5 can choose RED or BLUE group.

Number 6 is placed in the opposite group of number 5.

Number 3 can choose between RED group or BLUE group.

Number 4 is placed in the opposite group of number 3.

Number 1 can choose between RED group or BLUE group.

Number 2 is placed in the opposite group of number 1.

In each group all participants play best of 7 against each other.

3 points for a total win in a best of 7.

0 points when losing a best of 7.

The two best players in each group promote to the SEMIFINALS.


(If 2 or more players are having the same number of points):

  1. The winner of the mutual match (best of 7)
  2. Set score (number of won 5-minute matches) in mutual games.
  3. Goal difference in mutual games.
  4. Number of scored goals in mutual games.
  5. Best placement in the final division.


RED group number 1 - BLUE group number 2

RED group number 2 - BLUE group number 1

Estimated time schedule Saturday:

09:00 Registration is ending

09:30 The final division is beginning

11:15 Small break

11:30 The final division continues

13:15 Small break 

(Number 1, 3 and 5 must stay and choose their quarterfinal group)

13:30 Quarterfinal group - 1st round

14:30 Quarterfinal group - 2nd round

15:30 Quarterfinal group - 3rd round


17:30 Bronze match and The final


B play off will be organized for 8 players as soon as the final division has ended.


The exact venue will be announced later.

Mail your questions to bjarne@9700.dk and we will do our very best to answer your questions.

On the tournament day Bjarne Axelsen can be contacted through Messenger.

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